Robotics & Dental Disappointment

Sorry about skipping out on you last night. I had other stuff going on and I ran out of time before I ran out of stuff to do.

Yesterday Jasper and I went to our first Lego Robotics club meeting for 4-H. This is something that Jasper has deeply desired since he first joined 4-H, and it’s finally going to happen, thanks to the success of the fund raiser the kids did in November. Now all we have to do is find a mentor who can help the kids with the robotics! We are looking for an engineering student but haven’t found one yet.

After the robotics meeting we had our regular 4-H meeting, during which I got some knitting done as usual, and the evening was full of various activities as I’ve already mentioned.

Today I was up bright and early and ready for my dental appointment at long last! I got to the dentist’s office at 8:30, only to find that the dentist was sick and had already gone home! How anticlimactic! After three long weeks of waiting, I have to wait again!

Hopefully the dentist will be back on his feet tomorrow and I can talk to him about my multiple tooth/gum issues. My pain is starting to increase again so I really want to do something before the infection comes roaring back.

After that disappointment, I finished my tea and did school with Jasper. I am still really dragging and congested, but at least I’m able to get a little bit done each day. I ran an errand this afternoon and made supper and I know that sounds pitiful but I was pretty happy to feel up to it!

Tomorrow I try again to see the dentist. Hope it works out!


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