Quiet Day

Today I was supposed to have a friend come over to spend the day, but she was unable to come due to health problems. This meant that I could sleep in a little, and though I was sorry to miss a visit from my friend, I am still sick enough that sleeping in felt wonderful.

I did all the things that I’ve been doing to keep from getting sicker, and by the time my friend Robin came for lunch, I was more or less sentient. I made a big batch of pumpkin soup and we had baked apples for dessert and then I helped her with some knitting questions.

I’ve begun recovering from last night’s trauma. I actually talked on the phone to the guy from the beekeeper’s association, and I guess we’re just going to learn as much as we can this year and hope that Jasper can get a scholarship next year. We can’t afford to do the program without a scholarship.

Tomorrow, we have a funeral to go to. I might need to get rested up.

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