Recovery Day

Five years ago today, my grandfather celebrated his 100th birthday. Lina had just arrived in Zambia to teach at Sakeji. My grandfather died in June of 2010. Today would have been his 105th birthday. I still miss him and wish I could call him on the phone sometimes.

Meanwhile, I’m also missing my grown kids who no longer live here. I’ve found over the years that strong emotions trigger physical exhaustion in me. I knew I’d need at least a full day to recover from the last five weeks. So today, I had no goals other than to take a really good nap and maybe get some reading done. I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that I accomplished both of those things and also cleaned up my sewing room from the whole belt incident, and even got some sewing done.

I should probably feel guilty, especially since so many of my fellow homeschool moms jumped right back into school as of yesterday. But honestly, I was not up to doing school today. I need the rest of this week to get geared up for it.

I did spend some time practicing my autoharp and figuring out the chords for one of the hymns I’ll be playing on Sunday. I really have missed getting to play the autoharp so much. When everyone was here there just was never a good time or place for me to practice without bothering people. Also, I’ve found that I’m not that into having an audience when I’m practicing. (This does not include the family members who live here. They ignore me completely.)

Finally, I am experiencing more gum and tooth pain. My antibiotics ran out today and I don’t get to see a dentist till next Tuesday. Please pray that the infection won’t get worse and that the pain will be manageable till then!


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