Last Weekend

It’s only the third day of the year and I’ve already skipped a day of blogging. Sorry about that. It is so much harder to be consistent when we have family visiting.

Yesterday was Mary and Jordan’s “bonus” day due to Mary’s illness. There is actually a lot of sickness in the house at the moment. Lina’s sick, Jasper’s sick, Mercy’s sick, Lucy is under the weather, and of course there is Mary. And I am still battling my gum infection and severe arthritis pain in one foot.

So we haven’t exactly been a lively bunch. Lina and I drove up to the Realm of Perpetual Bliss and Serenity (our local yarn store) only to find it closed. The extra day finally gave Mary and me time to make some gluten-free roll-out cookies from the mix I had bought. I haven’t had roll-out cookies in years, and I don’t think Mary had either. We had fun decorating them, even though the only colors I had were pastels and therefore our cookies ended up looking more suitable for Easter than anything else.

The good news is that they taste like actual cookies!

010215 sugar cookies

We had a great evening together but I couldn’t help thinking that it was the last before Mary and Jordan left. This morning I got Jasper out of bed to come to Walmart with me, only to feel very guilty because he really is sick and his cough sounds so pitiful.

He hung in there through Walmart with me, and then when we got back and had breakfast, it was time to say goodbye to Mary and Jordan and their cats Howl and Calcifer. This is the week of goodbyes. My parents left yesterday, Mary and Jordan today. The big one is Lina’s departure on Monday. First, though, I got a photo of my four daughters this morning.

010315 4 daughters

Today the yarn store was open, so Lina and I made an excursion. We had waited so long to go because the sale didn’t start until today. I’m glad it worked out!

When we pulled into the driveway afterwards, Flynn pulled up behind us. He has come to spend Lina’s last weekend with us.
I did some sewing and some reading (oh what luxury!) and made some top-notch tomato soup for supper. Then Flynn took Lina and Mercy out for coffee and when they came back we watched a movie together. The time is running out . . .

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