Boxing Day

I woke this morning feeling almost pain-free. What a blessing! I have managed to get by on “normal” doses of ibuprofen, and my pain level has fallen from a “10” to a “4.” The swelling had also lessened and has continued to diminish throughout the day. Hallelujah! I guess the antibiotic is finally starting to work, so I will wait and make a regular dentist appointment next week so I can figure out how to keep this thing from coming back again. I still have an abscess, and can see and feel it, but at least it’s not as swollen and painful as it was. And I can get by on normal doses of ibuprofen now.

This morning, since I could actually function, I finished a sewing project–the new cloak I designed for Mary to wear with her Galadriel dress (her wedding dress). There will be photos!

I had an errand to run this afternoon, and sadly one of the things I counted on getting was not to be had because all three places that sell it here in town were closed. Grrr!

I also worked on another sewing project and made 81 rice cakes. They still have to be fried, but I promised Flynn we would have them while he is here.

We all watched a movie tonight and I got some knitting done. It felt so good to be able to do stuff today!


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