Pain & Laughter

Today was not the day I wanted to have. I wanted to have a fun day of baking and sewing and hanging out with my friend Robin. I did do all those things–but I did them while experiencing severe, continuous pain in my gums, which have apparently welcomed back the old infection for the fourth time.

I took pain meds every few hours, but they barely made a dent in my agony. Lina and I went out to lunch with Robin, and the pleasure of their company made it possible for me to ignore the pain for a little while. I’m kind of impressed that I actually ate a pretty good lunch, because I can only chew on one part of one side of my mouth. By the time Lina and I returned home, the thought of chewing anything at all made me sick to my stomach.

Thank goodness I had Lina and Lucy to help with the cooking and baking, because I was really struggling. I got some crafting done and made regular and gluten-free pizza dough, all while wanting to curl up in a ball and cry. Mary and Jordan arrived in time to join us for dinner–but while everyone else enjoyed pizza, I ate soup.

Mary and Jordan had planned to arrive a little earlier, but when Mary texted me this morning to tell me they were on their way, I asked if they had remembered to bring their stockings, and the answer was “no.” So they turned around, went back home and fetched them!

After supper the kids watched some videos and then decorated Christmas cookies while I made regular and gluten-free pumpkin mincemeat bread and got some sewing done. While I wasn’t able to be in the same room with them, I think listening to them laugh and tell stories did more to distract me from my pain than the meds did!

I did some research online and tried some of the remedies that were recommended. None of them tasted good, and any relief that might have resulted was extremely transient. So the question now is, am I truly tired enough (after only getting 3 hours of sleep last night) to sleep despite the pain? I don’t know, but I sure would like to get some rest.

Parting Shot:
12-23-14 Jordan shielding

Mary enlisted Jordan to block our view of the Christmas stockings while she put stuff into them. He did a very effective job.

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