Our Big Fat Greek Dinner

One of the things on Lina’s “list” for this visit was a Greek meal, and another thing was having my friend Robin and her husband Doug over for dinner, so we were able to do both on Sunday. The girls and I spent most of the afternoon cooking. I am sorry to say that I took no photos.

The first course was egg and lemon soup with spanakopita. The soup had rice in it and was very creamy and delicious. Lina and Lucy worked so hard to make the spanakopita and it was so good it was hard to stop eating!

The main course was Kalamata pork loin, with tabouli and a Greek salad. I had never made the pork recipe before, but it was very good. For dessert we had a (gluten free) honey-lemon-walnut cake that I had never tried before. Yum!

Of course the best thing was not the food but the company. It was so much fun to have Robin’s husband here, as we rarely see him. Lina was able to show them some of her videos and pictures from Zambia.

Today I had to go to the health food store to stock up on ingredients for making another big batch of gluten-free flour. We are so far behind on Christmas baking because I didn’t have enough gluten-free ingredients! I got the flour blended and the girls have already made one batch of cookies with it.

I also started a new knitting project, screwed up twice in the first five rows, and decided to alter the pattern to accommodate my mistakes!

Lina spent the day in a nearby town with her friend Rae, another thing on his list. Two more weeks! How are we going to squeeze everything in?

This evening I was preparing to start working on my final Christmas projects, when I remembered that I needed to replace my ironing board cover. Back at the time of Mary’s wedding, my mom had given me money to get a new pad for my ironing board, and I, uh, put if off until I ran into some trouble with my last project, and I thought that since I had to replace the cover, I could also replace the pad.

I had ordered and received my new cover and pad, so this evening I emptied off my ironing board and pulled off the old cover, only to discover why I may have been having some staining issues. My 20-year-old ironing board is enameled steel with lots of round holes in it to let the steam through. The enamel has come off in several places and many of the holes are quite rusty.

I was not prepared to have another project be ruined by a rusty ironing board, so I had no choice but to head out to Wal-Mart at 11:00 p.m. to buy a new ironing board. I’m not impressed with it. I don’t think it will last anywhere near 20 years–but it is not rusty! The cover that came with it was absolute rubbish, but that didn’t matter since I already had a much better cover and a nice thick pad at home.

I actually sewed the pad to the mesh ironing board top so that it wouldn’t shift, then got Lina to help me put the cover over the top. It looks so nice!

Of course by then it was very late to start cutting stuff out, but I am out of time so I just stayed up and did it. Now I need to get myself to settle down so I can sleep!

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