Last night, we went to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Lina flew into Dallas in the afternoon and drove from there to meet us at the theater. We wore cloaks. And Lina wore her awesome reversible Hobbit scarf that she made with her own two hands.

12-17-14 kids at Hobbit

We had a good time. I confess we made fun of parts of the movie, but other parts we really enjoyed. Afterwards, Lina and I stayed up too late talking and then I couldn’t get to sleep!

This morning when Spencer was on his way to work, he noticed that someone had smashed in the driver’s side window on Lina’s (leased) car. Can you believe it? There was nothing in the car to steal, and they didn’t even unlock the door. Apparently it was just an act of senseless vandalism. A policeman came out to file a report, and tomorrow Lina has an appointment to get the window replaced. It’s so irritating though!

This afternoon I got to spend some time having tea with my friend Joan. It was so nice to catch up with her a bit, but I couldn’t linger because we were having company for supper, and in fact he was here before I was! Our guest was our friend Lee whom we normally only see in the summer. He brought some remote controlled aircraft to show Jasper and then he did a couple of cool experiments, including one involving static electricity, tinsel, and pvc pipe. If we can get it to work tomorrow, I’ll take a video.

I am up late again working on a project that is not going well. I feel like no matter how hard I try and how carefully I do things, the results are about what I’d expect from a five year old. It is too late to redo anything. I’m kind of weepy about it, to be honest. *sigh* I suppose the world will keep spinning despite my personal failures!

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