Lesson Day

Today was all about my autoharp lesson. Well, at least for me. This morning I had to tune my autoharp, and I noticed an interesting phenomenon. Up until now, every time I have to tune it, the strings that need adjustment have typically been a little flat. Today, all the strings that needed adjustment were sharp rather than flat. I wonder if it has something to do with the change in season?

I also was working on that carol to share with my teacher. It was a bit of a chore because I had the sheet music as a PDF but the chords on it weren’t good for autoharp so I had to print it out, put white-out over the wrong chords, and write in the right ones before I could run a copy. I was pretty proud of myself for getting it done so quickly!

I took off at lunchtime and reveled in the beautiful drive up to Quitman. Even at this time of year I find it lovely. I had some gifts to take to my teacher, also. I made her a couple of pick bags like mine, because she had commented on how much she liked mine. I also knitted her a pair of gauntlets from baby alpaca that is soft as a cloud. She liked them! And she gave me a bag of shelled pecans from their pecan orchard. I love pecans.

We spent more time talking than playing, I think, but it was so enjoyable. I taught her “Thou Who Was Rich Beyond All Splendour” and both she and her husband really liked it. Then I commented that people had been unfamiliar with one of the carols I played on Sunday–As With Gladness Men of Old. Turns out she didn’t know it either, but she liked that too and copied it.

She gave me a bunch of new carols to work on and I am hoping to actually find time to do so. The nice thing about Christmas songs is that once you learn them, you just have to refresh your memory every year when December rolls around. We played “Silver Bells” together and that was a lot of fun. I’ve always believed that it would be so much fun to play music with someone else–and it really is. I love it.

I drove home as the sun sank toward the horizon, making one Christmas-related stop on the way. I’ve spent the evening working on clandestine craft projects which really need to get finished and in the mail tomorrow. I am running out of time–like I always do!

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