My Monday classes could have ended two weeks ago–if Lina hadn’t arrived on a Monday, and if we didn’t have 4-H the following Monday. I know my students and I were all ready to be DONE with this semester!

The only problem was that when I woke up this morning I felt pretty bad. This sinus infection is just dragging on and dragging me down. I’m back to taking meds around the clock and today I was so miserable that I did a breathing treatment which actually resulted in some relief. I know I should probably be more consistent with doing them, but I’m just so stingy and the solution is expensive!

My students were less than thrilled with having to take a spelling test and a vocabulary test, but once that “fun” was out of the way, we watched a video and the kids enjoyed all the treats they had brought to share. Now all I have left to do is finish all the grading and send out reports to the parents.

My paragraph class got off lightly today. Because I knew they wanted to have a few minutes to party–I didn’t have them write a full paragraph–just a thesis sentence since we were talking about introductory paragraphs. I do not understand why so many students struggle with writing a clear thesis sentence. Over the years, I have gone to greater and greater effort to explain this simple skill, yet I often have students leave it out entirely or write a thesis sentence that has no bearing on the content which follows. It remains to be seen if my efforts today were successful!

Now all I have to do is a jillion other things including knitting and sewing and baking and cramming for my autoharp lesson tomorrow. I haven’t got very far on the songs I was supposed to learn because I keep having to learn two new hymns for church every week! However, I did spend some time the last few days working out the chords for one of my favorite Christmas carols so I can show it to my teacher tomorrow. I guarantee she has never heard it and I’m hoping she likes to hear new songs.

Well, I have just finished another breathing treatment so I’m hoping I’ll have a good night tonight and wake up feeling less sick in the morning. Two more days till Lina comes back!


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