Plan B

I had a plan for today. My plan was to sleep for as much of the day as possible. Yes, I have a ton of stuff to do–but I am still really struggling with my cold/sinus infection and I am tired of being sick. I thought sleep might help, since I don’t normally get enough of it.

I did sleep in till after 9:00, which is rather horrifying for me, but I figured I needed it. Then I saw I had a text from Spencer. He never made it home from Dallas last night. His car broke down and he spent the night in a town about an hour’s drive from here. He wondered if I could come get him.

I started trying to figure out when would be the best time to drive over there, and then I checked my email and found out there was a teen event this afternoon that Lucy and Jasper wanted to go to. Suddenly my stay-at-home day had turned into something completely different!

I dropped Lucy and Jasper off at their event and used the time to run some errands. One person in a shop (a young man) referred to me repeatedly as “miss” and it cracked me up.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to go get Spencer. He was willing to wait until Kat got off work and she brought him back. There is still the matter of his car, which is parked at a gas station.

After returning home and doing some knitting and paperwork, I finally lay down, thinking I’d at least get a much-needed nap before supper. Alas, it was not to be. Jasper thoughtfully invited several neighbors in to meet me with no advance notice. I had been wanting to meet the mom, but I fear I was not at my best. After a nice chat with her, I figured I could still get in a little rest before making supper, but five minutes later we had more visitors! This time it was our “adopted” college student Jonny (not to be confused with our other adopted student Jonnie) who was stopping by with his parents to say goodbye before leaving town. We have enjoyed having Jonny here on Sunday nights, and will miss him next semester. He is going to have to stay out and work to make more money before returning next August.

Tomorrow, sick or not, I’ve got to get a ton of crafting done, and probably some baking too.


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