Today was the day the lights went on the tree. This is a huge project at our house. Many, many years ago, I read a magazine article that explained very clearly how professional decorators put lights on trees. Naturally, I had to try it. It is very time consuming, but once you get used to that look you can’t go back! It is too physically taxing for me to do these days, so I have two apprentices who have learned the secret from me–Lina and Mary. Mary has done it the last few years, obviously, but this year Lina specifically offered to do it, so today was the day. It takes several hours, but it’s so lovely when it’s done!

12-5-14 Lina with tree 1

Lina and I also went to the fabric store to pick up a few things, and she got to say hello to Regina. Regina is the manager at the fabric store and has been a big fan of Lina’s and has sent her things in Africa. We love that lady.
I started and finished a knitting project and made a recipe for supper that I’d been saving to try when Lina was home–pumpkin risotto. We had it with sausages and it was very good! While I was cooking, Lina and Jasper and Lucy were outside putting up lights. They did a great job and I will try to get a photo tomorrow.

We finished off the evening by watching the extended version of The Desolation of Smaug. Lina and Walter had never seen it at all, and Lina especially wanted to see it before going to see The Battle of the Five Armies this month.
Tomorrow–a chai party, and I feel like my cold is coming back for another round. Oh joy!

Parting Shot:

12-5-14 Lina with tree 2

All the lights are on!


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