Let Me Explain. No, There is Too Much. Let Me Sum Up.

So, I meant to post yesterday, but somehow it just didn’t happen. We had a great Thanksgiving. I got up early to put the breakfast casserole in the oven, and then of course got going on other food preparation.

We had our traditional breakfast of casserole (all gluten free, of course) and orange wedges and orange juice. I was blessed to have lots of help in the kitchen. In addition to the Thanksgiving dinner stuff, we also made a cheese dip and a hot artichoke and spinach dip. Jonnie came over, and so did Spencer’s friend GT.

We had a delicious dinner with 11 of us around the table. This year I just made the entire dinner gluten free. Afterwards we watched a movie and then it was time for the paper airplane races. Everybody made a paper airplane and then we all went outside and lined up on the driveway.

11-27-2014 airplane lineup

After a few practice throws, it was time for the distance race. Jonnie’s plane won by a nose.

11-27-2014 Jonnie for distance

Then it was time for the “airtime” race. The last plane in the air was GT’s. Not bad for a guy who hadn’t made a paper airplane since he was seven!

11-27-2014 GT for airtime

Then it was time to put all the planes together to judge the “prettiest.” I bet you can guess which one we chose:

11-27-2014 airplane beauty contest

Yes, Kat was the winner of best-looking plane!

11-27-2014 Kat for appearance

By then everyone was ready for pie. This year we had chess, pumpkin, maple pecan, and dutch apple. All gluten free and all yummy. Spencer, Kat and GT left to spend some time with Kat’s family, and the rest of us watched another movie.

Yesterday (Friday) we all slept in. Eventually, Walter and Spencer went to do leaf removal at the lake properties they maintain. I started backing up all my files so that Flynn can fix my computer, and I couldn’t find my external hard drive. Grrr! I filled up my flash drive but soon ran out of space.

Meanwhile, after lunch Jasper and I needed to go deliver the last two poinsettias he had sold for his 4-H fundraiser. The wife had emailed me directions to her house, so we merrily set off with the plants. I followed the directions exactly and could not even find the right street! After driving in circles several times, I remembered that my phone has a GPS which I’ve never used. Thank goodness that GPS knew what to do and soon we found the street. (My directions were missing two crucial turns onto streets that were not mentioned.)

Eventually, we even found the house number we were looking for, but the landmark I’d been told to look for was not in evidence. We got out and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. What to do? I was so anxious. There was no family name on the mailbox or anywhere else that we could see. Still, the house number was correct! So basically, I based my decision to leave the flowers there on the fact that we were at the address I’d been given, and on the fact that there was a box in the driveway labeled “books the kiddos have read.” That sounded like the kind of box a homeschool mom would have.

When we got home, I emailed her and asked her to let me know if she got the flowers. You can imagine my relief when she eventually replied that I had indeed left the flowers at the right house!

On our way back from that stressful experience, I did something that I normally avoid. I walked into a store on Black Friday. The crowds were long gone, obviously, but the deals were still in effect, and I was able to get two new big flash drives for less than half price so I can finish transferring all my files.

I did some sewing and knitting and then in the evening the kids played a game:

11-28-2014 game playing

I love it when they do that.

After Jasper went to bed, the rest of us watched a movie and I got more knitting and file-transferring done. It felt like the third Saturday in a row!


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