Poo Free is Not For Me

So what happened in our house today? Lots of cooking and baking. Four pies and a cheesecake happened. I made my fabulous cranberry sauce. Mary had a friend come visit for most of the day. The friend is nine months pregnant. She might have an exciting Thanksgiving!

I also went shopping for last-minute items (twice) and squeezed in a few minutes of knitting. Then we had a pie social at church, and it’s a good thing we took two gluten-free desserts, because no one else did!

And I also gave up on a project that has lasted for 13 weeks as of today. Have you ever heard of going “poo-free?” That means not using shampoo to clean your hair, and there’s a pretty big group of women who are proud to declare their independence from shampoo. Having successfully eliminated deodorant, I thought this might be a good next move. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself more willing to take some effort with my hair in order to keep it looking good. I eschewed sulfate-containing hair products many years ago.

So, I was open to this new idea, especially since my research turned up rave reviews from dozens, if not hundreds, of women. According to them, if I stopped using shampoo, my hair would grow in twice as thick, be shiny and silky and healthy and glide effortlessly through a comb or brush. It would never get greasy and I would only need to “wash” it with some alternate product maybe once a week or even once a fortnight.

I have a friend who swears by a baking soda solution followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. I knew this wasn’t for me, because I tried it before and the results were truly horrific. So, after doing quite a bit of research, I decided to go with sulfate-free conditioner. That is, you “wash” your hair with conditioner and then rinse it out and your hair magically becomes splendiferous. I was told that it might take my hair two weeks to adjust to this new routine.

After two weeks I hated going out in public with my greasy hair. I had already tried three different conditioners, including one which was intended to be used instead of shampoo. My hair always felt wonderful for the first couple of hours after I “washed” it. By the time it was fully dry, however, it was already starting to feel oily in back. I haunted a couple of “poo-free” message boards online and found that some people needed a full six weeks to adjust.

Six weeks came and went and my hair continued to remain very greasy just a few hours after I washed it. I had to remove my old shampoo from the bathroom because I was so desperate to use it. Last week, at the twelve week mark, I was pretty discouraged, so back to the message boards I went. You know what they recommended? They said that if your hair was still getting greasy after giving it time to adjust, you should rub cornstarch into it between showers, and then brush the cornstarch out.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Instead of having the carefree hair you expected, you now must “wash” it just as often and then rub cornstarch into it too if you want it to look nice. Since when do I have time to rub stuff into my hair? Besides, it sounds messy.

So today, as I waited for my turn to take a shower, and as I contemplated the greasy, stringy locks of hair that hung limply around my face, I quietly snapped inside. When it was my turn for the shower, I borrowed my husband’s shampoo and thoroughly washed my hair. It felt wonderful. It kept on feeling wonderful all day. When I had to go out to run errands, I bought shampoo. If going poo-free works for you, I’m happy for you–and also envious. It just did not work for me.

One thought on “Poo Free is Not For Me

  1. I tried a number of variations of poo-free with similar dismal results. I only tried it because my allergies had gotten truly horrific in the shower and I was desperate. My desperation kept me at it for months. I found some concoction (which I no longer remember) that worked passably, but when I finally went back to shampoo I fell in love with my hair all over again.


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