The Rash of Doom

Yesterday, I stayed home from church because I was still far from well and I wanted to feel as well as possible later in the day when Mary and Jordan arrived. I did manage to do quite a bit in preparation during the afternoon, and I made a very pretty supper which we served as soon as they got here:

11-24-14 orange chicken

That is my crock pot orange chicken, which is pretty tasty and which I really ought to make more often.
Today I woke up with a rash. I have had this type of rash twice before. Both times, it was the harbinger of a very painful and debilitating viral illness. Please pray with me that I do not get sick this time. I have a good anti-viral supplement that I am taking but I just do not have time to be sick with Lina coming a week from today!

I did some rather fruitless errand-running this morning, then came home and made a massive batch of gluten-free flour, followed by a batch of gluten-free bread and three gluten-free hamburger buns. This meant that Mary and Lucy and I could have hamburgers on buns tonight!

I cut a lot of GF bread into cubes which are now drying in the oven so I can make GF stuffing on Thursday. And, I will be getting up early to do the rest of the pre-Thanksgiving shopping, so I think it’s time for me to get off the blog and go to bed!


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