A Day Which I Hope to Forget

Today was not a day upon which I will look back fondly. In fact, I am only posting because I didn’t post last night, and I know there are a few people who worry if I don’t post two nights in a row.

I had a really, really bad night and woke up this morning feeling very sick and weak. However, I don’t have someone who can substitute shop for me, so Jasper and I headed off to Walmart, where I alternated between wondering if I was going to pass out and wondering if I was going to toss my cookies.

I don’t think it is a “bug” of some sort. I think it is a result of some other health issues. By the time I wobbled out of Walmart, I was too weak to even load the groceries in the car. Thank goodness I had Jasper with me! I was so thankful to make it home safely and went straight to bed.

So, no sewing, cooking, or cleaning really got done. I was running a fever for most of the day. I would get up, stay up as long as I could (usually less than an hour) and then go back to bed. I hate having my plan ruined by illness.

I wasn’t the only one having a bad day, however.

Mercy has a very painful sprained ankle from running on Thursday night and can barely hobble from one room to the next.

Jasper asked permission to play with a friend until lunchtime, at which time he would return to clean in his room. 5:00 rolled around and I still hadn’t seen him. I had to haul my sick feverish body down the street in an effort to locate him. He “lost track of the time.” He also lost computer privileges and playtime with friends for the next week. I was so worried!

Lucy can no longer put off cleaning in her room and it has been very stressful. She had hoped to go to an event at the library tonight, but by the time she remembered, it was too late.

Mercy limped into the bathroom to help with cleaning and the faucet broke. This caused water to pour down inside the wall and into Walter’s workshop.

Walter had to go out in the pouring rain and turn off the water supply to the house–BEFORE anyone but Jasper had taken a shower. Then he and the kids worked hard to put buckets beneath the roof runoff so at least we’d have water for flushing toilets. I was no help at all because today, sitting up is kind of an achievement.
Poor Mercy was so horrified at the idea of going to church unwashed that she went to shower and spend the night at a friend’s place.

Walter continued to assess the water situation and ended up fixing things to the point where he could turn the water back on. My hero!

So what did I accomplish today? Lots of napping. Knitting five rows on a scarf. Crocheting the last little bit on a muff cord. Tuning my autoharp. That’s it. My bed is calling me.


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