One Week to Turkey Day

And I haven’t even started doing anything yet. I’d better get going!

Today was a difficult day, health-wise, and the only reason I mention that is so you’ll know that even though I didn’t do all that much, it took everything I had to get it done.

Today was the monthly homeschool lunch at the church where Lucy goes to youth group, so one of the first things I did this morning was to get going on cooking our contribution.

I also had to do school with Jasper and grade papers and prepare for my class. The food was done in time and we drove up to the church. I was able to get a few rows of knitting in before the lunch started. I got asked to knit a “bonus” project and I’m starting to get a little nervous about all the sewing and knitting I’m mentally committed to doing before Christmas.

I got to visit with some other moms at the lunch and then Lucy’s friend Martha came home with us, after a brief stop at the park so that I could drop off a copy of my book to one of the moms at park day. We don’t get to go to park day anymore because of my class.

We arrived home half an hour before my class started, which barely gave me time to make tea, print out my materials, and find the DVD for us to watch. I was just so grateful to make it through the class, and grateful for caffeine too!

Now I don’t have to teach again until December 1st, which is the day Lina returns!

Meanwhile, I need to keep track of Lucy’s efforts to clean her room. It needs to be in tip-top shape before Mary and Jordan arrive this weekend, because Lina will be coming the day after they leave!

I spent at least an hour today trying to get a “free” knitting pattern from the internet. I found the pattern on Ravelry and followed the link, only to find that I couldn’t access the pattern unless I joined the Yahoo “group” associated with it. So I joined the group, was flooded with a bunch of emails about it, and still can’t get at the pattern! So vexing.


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