Cookie Delivery and Critique

After a really bad night last night (I have some health issues that sometimes surface at night) I struggled to get going this morning, and I was nervous about going to meet our new neighbors. Jasper and I went over there with our plate of cookies. Both parents were home, and they were very friendly and gracious. Their son was off at school, so we left the cookies and our good wishes before returning home. I’m so glad the boy was not as seriously hurt as we feared, but I still feel bad that he had such a traumatic introduction to our neighborhood!

After lunch Lucy and went out to run some errands. The time has come to make my world famous hot chocolate mix and we needed to stock up on the ingredients. Well, maybe it’s not world famous, but it’s pretty well-liked among my friends and family! I think that’s a pretty good accomplishment seeing that I don’t drink hot chocolate myself.

After returning home I just had to get my stuff together and head out for my critique group meeting. I am so thankful for those ladies who are skilled at finding my mistakes and pointing them out to me! Really. It is so helpful. Then we had our regular writers’ meeting, so I didn’t get home until almost 9:00. My one evening out per month!

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