No Car Drama!

Yes! It’s true! The car started this morning both going to and coming home from Walmart. That made it a good day.

What made it a better day was that I ended up being alone in the house for several hours. Lucy was at a friend’s house. Mercy slept in and then went to the library to do homework. Walter and Spencer and Jasper went to work on the grass and shrubs at the church.

So what did I do with my unexpected alone time? I wish I could say that I sat down and wrote several thousand words. Instead I did stuff that needed to be done. I washed dishes. I practiced my autoharp. I worked my way through multiple stacks of paper that have threatened to overtake the house, and was able to throw a lot of stuff away. I evaluated a craft project that I’m working on so I could figure out everything I still need to do before the deadline. I even knitted a few rows on my current project.

Eventually everyone came back, of course, but I still felt like I made a pretty good dent in my to-do list. I just need a couple more days between now and Monday and I should be almost caught up!

This evening Mercy was in charge of coordinating an international worship service on campus, and she got Walter to go and read some Scripture in German. The service went really well, and Mercy really enjoyed the mix of cultures and languages.

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