Just Kidding!

Today got off to a slow start because my alarm either didn’t go off or I turned it off in my sleep. Jasper got up, ate breakfast, and went back to sleep! Eventually, though, we got going on school.

Then someone found out that today was the day for the teen get-together at a local church, and I asked Spencer if he could take Lucy and Jasper, since his car is working at the moment, and he agreed but said I’d have to come pick them up since he and Kat had something to do afterwards.

When it was time to get the kids, I decided to go ahead and try starting the Suburban just for kicks and giggles, and because I really don’t like driving the van very much. I got into the driver’s seat, turned the key, and it started right up! I wasn’t complaining, mind you, but it hardly seemed fair after we had to skip the meeting last night.

As I’m sure you can imagine, I didn’t turn the engine off at all even though we did had some stops to make on the way home. The big question now is, will it start in the morning–seeing that it will be Saturday, and Saturday is the day that it traditionally balks at starting. My life is so full of uncertainty!

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