Fire Safety & a Glittery Muff

This morning was kind of glorious because I didn’t have class today which meant that I wasn’t frantically preparing all morning. Instead I could just do school with Jasper, because I already baked all the cookies last night.

We signed up to provide snacks for the 4-H meeting today, and we heard they were expecting extra people, so I made a quadruple batch of my famous molasses spice cookies last night. One of these days I need to create a gluten-free version of those cookies so I can taste them again!

I actually finished sewing a skirt so I could wear it to the meeting. It’s nothing to brag about though. This is the skirt that I intended to finish in time to wear in Colorado back in June! That was when my sewing machine and serger started acting up. So, the skirt didn’t turn out to be very attractive, but it sure is comfortable. If you see me around town wearing an oddly-shaped and bulgy-baggy skirt, just pretend I look sort of classy, okay?

Jasper had invited two of his friends in the neighborhood to come to the meeting with us (both homeschooling families). One came on his own and the other brought his mom and sister. The program today was a safety presentation/puppet show put on by the fire department.

Shortly after we arrived, the fire marshal came up and greeted me by name, much to my surprise. Then I realized that years ago he used to work with my husband. I had not heard that he was now a fire marshal. Then, after the puppet show, when the puppeteers came out, one of them was my friend Carolyn! I had not seen her for some time, and I knew she volunteered with the fire department, but of course I had no idea she’d be part of our program today.

My tooth pain is continuing to lessen, for which I am very thankful. However, another tooth issue has developed and it would probably be a good idea for me to start the depressing search for a new dentist.

I did quite a bit of autoharp practice today and hope to do more in the morning so I won’t be too embarrassed at my lesson! I am learning to play a song I liked very much as a teenager. Sometimes I wish I had enough time to really learn a song well before rushing to learn new ones. But at the same time, having to learn a minimum of two new songs every week has been a good challenge for me, forcing me to progress much faster than I otherwise would.

I also have been knitting the brightest muff of glittery tinsel fake fur. It is not something that appeals to me personally, but it is the kind of thing that some people will love! It is also soft and warm, which is kind of what you want from a muff. So I hope it will sell, because I have enough yarn to make another one.

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