Best Laid Plans . . .

Normally I am teaching on Thursday, but today I hadn’t scheduled a class, because I thought I’d be on a trip, which didn’t work out. Then I thought I’d have to take Jasper to the beekeepers’ meeting, but that got moved to next week.
So, I actually had a “free” day and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to drive to Dallas and visit my aunt in the nursing home. After doing school with Jasper this morning, I got ready to leave. As I was getting my stuff together, I thought how I would be sure to get on Facebook on my phone so I could show my aunt photos of her new great-granddaughter, who was born on Saturday.

Then I thought, why not get some actual photos printed. So I delayed my departure long enough to upload some photos of the baby to Walgreens. By the time I filled up the gas tank and drove to Walgreens, the photos were done and I could be on my way to Dallas. I also took my autoharp and some music because I thought it would be fun to play and sing some hymns with my aunt.

Then, to my delight and disbelief, I actually got a good parking spot when I arrived at the nursing home two hours later. I lugged my autoharp and music into the building, got the secret code to get into the Alzheimer’s wing, and got to my aunt’s room to find it empty. When I went toward the common area looking for her, I was called over by a worker who told me that my aunt was in the hospital, but would be coming back at some point. Because of privacy laws, he and the other lady working there could tell me nothing whatever about where my aunt was or why she was in the hospital.

I was so frustrated after driving all that way! I sat down on her bed and labeled the back of each photo so that when she finally sees them, hopefully she will understand what they are about. I left them on her bed for her to find when she gets back.

Then, because I had arranged to meet Flynn for supper, and he was still at work, I just went out to the parking lot and hung out in the car for an hour. I called my mom and she was able to find out some information for me. I feel bad for my aunt because I’m sure the hospital is confusing and stressful for her.

Finally I drove to the restaurant to meet Flynn, and waited in the car for another half an hour because he got stuck in traffic and it took him a long time to make it there. When he did arrive, we had a good dinner and a nice visit. We didn’t linger because he had to hurry home and so did I.

It was a beautiful drive home under the brilliant full moon, but once again I had to resort to coffee. (I needed coffee on my way in to Dallas also.) I am not a big fan of coffee, and it really bothers me that I have needed it twice this week to stay alert on the road, but it sure beats being dead.

Once I got home we finally had a fire and burned our little long-faced Guy.

11-6-14 Lucy with the guy

Walmart was completely out of pumpkins–even the little pie pumpkins–so I had to resort to a spaghetti squash for the head.

11-6-14 guy burning

We also had sparklers and s’mores, though I was too nauseated from the coffee to be able to even think about s’mores!

11-6-14 Jasper with sparkler

That was a lot of driving just to have a quick supper with Flynn! It was good to see him though.


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