Fall Has Arrived

This was our first really cold morning of the season–it was in the upper 30s! Jasper and I shivered in the car on the way to Walmart until the engine warmed up enough for the heater to work. First time we’ve turned the heater on since spring!

Mercy did a wonderful job preparing for the chai party while I tried to get caught up on some sewing chores. To be specific, I was mostly drafting pattern pieces and cutting stuff out, which is my least favorite sewing chore. Sometimes I think how great it would be to delegate that job to someone else–only of course we all know I never could. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it the way I want. Well, except for a couple of Ferns, obviously.
So anyway, I got some stuff cut out and some seams sewn. I hope to get a little more done tomorrow.

Speaking of sewing, I have not shown you the lovely fabric that my aunt picked out for me in Panama. I had given her some money, told her my color preferences, and let her have at it. Last week when the kids came back from their trip to Nashville, they brought me three lengths of fabric from my aunt:

cloth from Panama

Aren’t they lovely? The middle one I’m sure will end up as bags or pillows. The other two I’m still thinking about. They would make great aprons or tablecloths or . . . something. I really like them.

Lucy came home at lunchtime (after spending the night at her friend’s house and was able to help with some of the chai party preparations. Meanwhile, Jasper took off to spend the afternoon with his friend Sam at a church family fun day, so he didn’t return home until the chai party had started.

It was a cold chai party and the fires never lacked an audience. There was a lot of music tonight–drums and guitars and singing. I came inside to tune my autoharp and practice for tomorrow, so I had music too.

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