Rivals & a Recipe

Today I had my high school class, which meant I had to prepare for it, plus do school with Jasper. I also went out and bought more candy, because the stash I originally got to have on hand for tomorrow has taken a rather serious hit.

Most of our class time was taken up with watching a video of The Rivals by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, which we have just finished reading. Although I have seen it before and read it several times, it still makes me laugh. A couple of my students dressed up, so I took a class photo:

10-30-14 high school class

For supper I had hoped to make a pork curry, but when I looked at the recipe I realized that I didn’t have several key ingredients. So I just improvised and made up my own version of curry with what I had on hand. It was very delicious! I guess I will hang on to that recipe.

This evening I was busy working on a project for Lucy. Yesterday at the thrift store she got a navy blue evening gown. It was for someone approximately the size of a broomstick, but it did have a flared full skirt, which I was able to cut off. I cut the upper part of the skirt into strips to make a waistband and now Lucy has a navy satin skirt to wear as part of her costume for tomorrow. She is going to one of those “murder” mystery dinners so she has to dress for her part. Tomorrow morning we’ll finish working on it. My kids don’t realize how lucky they are to have a mom who can just make them stuff on short notice!

Oh, and I actually posted to my writing blog today. There is a link to it on my “links” page.


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