Caffeine Saves My Day

This morning it was a bigger struggle than usual to get up. I have begun having occasional nights when I don’t sleep well at all and this is very unusual for me. Normally I fall asleep almost instantly and stay that way till I have to get up.

I had promised to take Lucy out to get coffee, and I had to stop at the dollar store anyway, so off we went in the middle of the morning. Despite having had a tall mug of very strong tea, I was struggling to stay awake enough to drive.

Taking a nap when I got home was out of the question, so I had to resort to more caffeine. I did more school with Jasper and then did some autoharp stuff to cram for my lesson before leaving at lunchtime.

It was such a beautiful and pleasant drive up there–I savored every moment of it. I had promised my teacher I’d bring the used autoharp I recently bought to start teaching the kids with. She agreed with me that it has a lovely sound, and she volunteered to help me rearrange it so the chords are set up the same as mine (which makes everything so much easier). Once again I got to cut some new felts and we ended up with a second autoharp that is just like mine. The fun can commence!

The lesson itself was rather short. She helped me with a couple of hymns where I had a hard time finding the exact right chord in a couple of places. I proudly played my “C” scale for her. Now that I’ve got it just about memorized, I will tackle another scale for next time.

These lessons are such an encouragement to me. I know I mess up a lot, but it is so helpful to know that I am still making headway and improving bit by bit. The demands of having to learn new songs every single week are a great way to stretch myself and learn new things. If I fall victim to dementia (heaven forbid), it won’t be because I let my brain lie around on the sofa and watch TV!

This evening I supervised Jasper in making the first of the two cakes he’ll be entering in the harvest festival tomorrow. I’m so thankful we didn’t knock ourselves out to enter a ton of stuff like we did last year. Two cakes is plenty!

Now, all we’re waiting for is for the travelers to arrive. Flynn, Mercy and Spencer left Mary’s house at lunchtime and should be arriving very shortly. The eerie silence of the last few days will be over!


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