Monday, Monday

I’m really glad I did all that grading on Saturday, because I had more than enough to do this morning without it. I did some school with Jasper and prepared for my class and even picked a few new photos for story prompts and then drove to the drugstore to pick them up.

Writing from pictures is something that most of my students enjoy, so it is a fun thing for me to teach. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

After my classes were over, it was time to work on stuff for my autoharp lesson tomorrow. One of my assignments was to come up with the melody chords for a hymn that I am fairly familiar with, but for some reason it was a huge challenge and took a lot longer than I expected. I’m still not sure I even did okay with it. I am also learning to play scales. Not as hard as I thought it would be, but I say that as someone who hasn’t actually memorized anything yet!

This house seems so quiet and empty with only four people in it. Spencer all by himself makes enough noise for any three other people. I will be glad when the travelers return home tomorrow.

This was only the first day of a very stressful week. I really hope I make it through to Sunday night!


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