A Day of Good Things

Yes, I am still sick, though definitely on the mend. Despite my illness, however, I had a day of happy surprises.

A lady that I barely know messaged me on Facebook, having read about my sinus infection issues. She, like me, has suffered with sinus trouble for years but has recently found a treatment that really works for her. She went to a considerable amount of trouble to get me a mask and then bring a nebulizer to my house for me to try. It really did seem to help, so I have already ordered my own supply, along with a nebulizer. After more than 30 years of dealing with severe sinus issues, I can hardly imagine what it would be like to see them go away. And I appreciate Karen so much for making the effort to help me.

After Karen left, and right before leaving for piano lessons, I checked my “author” email and found an enthusiastic email from a Sakeji schoolmate who has just read my book. This is my favorite thing about having published my memoir. I LOVE to hear from people who have read it and who write to tell me how my book brought back so many happy childhood memories for them.

The third good thing was that when my husband called the mechanic, he found that our Suburban was once more roadworthy. Of course, this good thing cost us $320! But we ended up with a bigger and better battery and an oil change and I hope that means no more disconnecting the battery every night!

Spencer’s car is currently sidelined again, but he really wanted to go hang out with his friends at church, so he decided to walk. He left at about 6:30 and arrived at 9:00. Obviously he didn’t get there in time for a service, but he was able to hang out with his friends at the coffee shop afterwards and was hoping to get a ride home!
Now I have grading to do. And a cake to make. What am I doing on the blog?

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