Rain, Jury Duty, 4-H, and Internet

So, here I am playing catch-up again. The good news is that I finally got my internet back yesterday afternoon, when Walter called the cable company and got talked through the process of resetting the router. Huzzah! But I had so much to do and it got too late to stay up and write a post last night.

Yesterday morning we woke up to a severe thunderstorm and both of us cringed. Walter had to take the van to work and I had to drive downtown for jury duty. This was my first time ever to actually have to report to jury duty. Jasper has now “aged out” of legal excuse territory, so there was no getting out of it.

I drove downtown in a downpour, parked the car where Walter told me to, and walked three blocks in the pouring rain with one of those little compact umbrellas that only keep about half your body dry. I had my Kindle with over 300 books on it and several hours’ worth of knitting with me just in case.

Before long I found myself sitting in a courtroom with almost 200 other unlucky souls. My favorite part of the day came then. An elderly gentleman walked in through the doors where the bailiff was welcoming people and telling them where to sit. The old man was wearing a baseball cap that said “Navy veteran” on it.

“Are you one of our honored veterans?” asked the bailiff.
“Yes sir.”
“Thank you so much for your service,” the bailiff said. “We appreciate it so much.”

I love the way veterans are honored here in Texas–and I hope in the rest of the country too.

After getting my $6, I was sent to a smaller courtroom with 27 others. It was for a civil case (lawsuit) and they only needed 6 jurors and one alternate. The selection process was lengthy, but eventually they made their decision and I was passed over. Whew! I did not want to be on that jury. I definitely have issues with the whole concept of awarding large sums of money for physical pain and mental anguish.

By now it was lunchtime, so I came home, doped myself up (I’m still fighting that sinus infection) and rested until time to take Jasper to 4-H. The special guest this month was a police officer who works with the canine department. She brought her very alert and hyper dog with her and the kids just loved it. The business meeting went late and by the end of it I really wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to come home and lie down.

First, though, I wanted to see if we could do anything about getting our wireless internet access restored. Walter called the cable company and they talked him through resetting the router. This is the second time this has been necessary in the last few months. I wonder why it goes wonky? For some reason, we are hard on routers in this house.


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