Sick Day

Maybe you noticed that I didn’t post last night. There were two good reasons for that. The first reason was that I was and am sick. My cold went almost immediately to a sinus infection, and I have been way, way under the weather. The second reason was that I had a writing deadline to meet, so I felt like I had to devote my few remaining functional brain cells to that task. I don’t have a very good feeling about the result, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Yesterday was one of those days when I woke up feeling bad and got steadily worse as the day went on. I knew I would not be up to teaching today, so I canceled my class. It took superhuman strength for me to get up this morning, get dressed, and go to the post office. (The writing deadline involved having to mail something this morning.)

Everything I did today involved resting before and after. After my 10-minute excursion to the post office, I recovered for some time before attempting a simple task on the internet. After more rest, I sorted out some stuff in my sewing room. Such a thrill-filled day. Jasper is sick too so we agreed today was a sick day. I certainly wasn’t up to teaching.

I worked some more on getting hymns ready to play on Sunday and realized that I really hated the key that one of them is in. Thanks to my teacher and her brilliant rearrangement of my chord keys, transposing to a different key is a piece of cake.

It feels really weird not to have the pressure of getting ready for the Faire anymore. We still have some pressure to get stuff listed on Etsy, but that’s stuff we already have. I don’t have to make new stuff unless I want to.

I’m really hoping I feel better tomorrow. Even a little better would be really nice.


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