Faire Report: Friday

Feel free to skip over this and the next couple of posts. I am recording the events of this weekend primarily for my own benefit, because I feel like I should remember them.

Friday was a hard, hard day. We were packing and loading and trying to get ready to leave, and at the same time I spent close to two hours on my computer and phone trying to get the app I needed so that my credit card reader would work. In order to get any apps on my phone, I need to have a Microsoft account, but apparently that is just what Microsoft won’t let me have. I jumped through all the hoops time after time and ended up with an error message that didn’t offer any suggestion as to how I might rectify whatever was wrong. I was in tears because I knew without the reader we would miss out on sales to people who were out of cash.

Finally, I gave up and we got the last few things loaded and then I got in the car and . . . it didn’t start. Why? Why car? I am so thankful for a husband who works literally next door. I called him and before long he came on his bicycle and gave us a jump start. He warned me not to turn the car off until we got to Texarkana!

So, we finally made it out of the driveway, but we had to stop at Walmart on the way because neither Lucy nor Jasper had shoes that would be accepted as garb for the faire. Of course I couldn’t go into the store since I had to leave the engine running, so I sent the two of them in by themselves in hopes that they could find some leather sandals on sale.

There were no suitable sandals, so eventually they returned with black sneakers for Lucy and some shoes for Jasper that looked like they were made from burlap. It was the best we could do.

We made it to Texarkana and found the faire grounds with only minor trouble. It was two hours later than we planned to be there, but we made it! We left the engine running as we started to pull things out for setting up our booth, but we realized we had a couple of problems. The first was that we couldn’t get the left back door of the Suburban open, and we really needed it open to get the big table out.

The second problem was that we needed to fill our big buckets with water in order to use them as anchors. I knew there was water on site, but I didn’t know that the spigots were all a maximum of 6 inches off the ground. Not much help when your buckets are two feet tall! And to think that I had almost brought a hose “just in case.”

So, I did the only thing I knew to do. I called our friend Steve, whom we were meeting for supper anyway, and asked him if he could bring some pliers so we could get the door open. By the time he arrived with his wife and son, the kids had got the door open on their own and we were busy setting up, but we still had the water issue to solve. Steve found that you could turn the spigot till it was pointing up and let the water arch into the buckets that way. Problem solved!

Once we got the basic structure up, we followed Steve and Diane to a Chinese restaurant for supper. It was great to visit with them and catch up a little. I warned Steve that our car has a history of not starting on Saturday mornings, and he said to give him a call if we had trouble. To my relief, the car started up just fine at the restaurant.

By the time we checked into our hotel and got to our room, it was time to hit the sack so we could be rested up for the morning. I tried one more fruitless time to get the app for the credit card reader. Then the problem was that Lucy and I could not sleep! I caught her reading in the bathroom in the middle of the night because I was wide awake myself. This resulted in a whispered giggle fest as I tried to confiscate her Kindle. I know we both spent a long time awake during the night. Maybe it was nerves.

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