A Birthday Dinner, A Wig Named Jennifer, & A Really Long Ruffle

Due to Mercy’s many commitments this weekend (not to mention the chai party), the only time we could have her birthday dinner was at lunchtime on Sunday. Fortunately, she had requested curry, which can be made in the slow cooker, so all I had to do was get up early after staying up late and get the curry going in the slow cooker and rice going in the rice cooker before going to church.

Then it was on to church where I had two hymns to play and our violinist joined in and it went okay. Not great, but not terrible either.

After church Spencer brought Kat and we all sat down to a delicious and spicy curry dinner. Then Mercy had an event to work at on campus. I got Jasper to go outside with me and try on the booth roof. It fit. It’s a tiny bit loose, but that’s what I was hoping for. It’s a lot better than finding out it’s too tight!

I also had a time-consuming dessert to make, but of course I was happy to do it for the birthday girl.

Flynn had asked me to cut his hair while he was here, so I squeezed that into the afternoon as well. Supper was a little disjointed because right as everyone (including Jonnie and Jonny) were sitting down to eat, I had to take Lucy to a youth event, where we had a run-in with a frustrated pizza delivery man who was there early and had no one to deliver pizzas to!

After everyone got back home, we finally had Mercy’s birthday dessert. She had requested trifle instead of cake (much to everyone’s delight), so I just had one long candle in the middle.


After we sang to her, someone joked that she wouldn’t have to worry about blowing out all the candles since there was only one. She failed to blow it out on the first try, and we all cracked up. The trifle was delicious.

Then it was time to do a final favor for Flynn before he headed home to Dallas. He had purchased a wig on Saturday while out shopping with Lucy. The wig’s name is Jennifer. Jennifer is a brunette:


Flynn wants the wig for a costume, but Jennifer’s hair was too long, so he wanted me to cut it. I’ve got to admit, I didn’t try too hard to style it. I’m pretty sure Flynn does not want it to look girly. I got the hair cut to about shoulder length, and then tried it on Flynn to do the final trimming. I was not allowed to take pictures. I have a feeling that Jennifer will make her internet debut at the end of next month.

Today I really wanted to work on my booth but instead I frantically tried to prepare for my two classes and help Jasper with school and finally finally finally mailed my defective phone back to Verizon. It only took them over 3 weeks to get a shipping label to me.

So, this evening has been all about the booth. I got the “pantyhose” ironed and did a little finishing work on them. Tomorrow they’ll get ties at the top so I can attach them to the corners of the booth. Then I started pinning together the ruffle sections. I didn’t measure exactly, but I can tell you I have a minimum of 72 feet of fabric sewn together in a gigantic loop. Tomorrow I’ll iron it and gather it and I hope sew it to my moldy-looking particolored roof.

Then it will be time to turn my attention to the buckets. Did I mention the buckets? We have to have some way to anchor our booth so it won’t blow over in case of wind. Whatever we do, it can’t look modern. So, I came up with the idea to use four of our big chlorine buckets, which we will fill with water on site. Walter is going to help me figure out a workable way to tether them to each of the pantyhose-clad legs. But of course the buckets now need costumes too. So I will cover them with fabric and then they can serve as impromptu seating.

Yeah, there’s no way we’re going to even break even this weekend. The startup costs are killing me! My credit card reader arrived today, and even though the reader is free, the monthly fee is pretty steep by my standards. So I will pay for one month and then cancel . . .

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