Looming Deadline

Less than a week to go! The next week is going to be very short on sleep and long on work. Today got off to rough start when Lucy and I went out to go grocery shopping and the car did not start. AGAIN. On a Saturday morning! Why, oh why does that car refuse to work on Saturday mornings?

So we had to take the van and then after we got back, Walter tried to start the car and it started! Which was a good thing because I did have to go out and get some things that Walmart hadn’t had.

My big, intimidating job for today was to try and sew a booth disguise. Because we will be at a renaissance faire, our booth is not supposed to look “modern” in any way. A pop-up gazebo must be in costume just like its occupants. I had the kids put up our largest gazebo, only to find that it is broken. So, by default we will be using the 10-foot-square one that actually works.

I borrowed one of Walter’s tape measures and took a lot of measurements and wrote them down and did sketches. Geometry was involved. Geometry and I are not friends. Once I thought I had worked out the size and shape of the triangles needed, I got Jasper to help me lay the four sheets out on the living room floor. These are the same sheets that I dyed in my washing machine and which now look as if they are slightly moldy because our fancy new washing machine wouldn’t let me put enough water in to really do the job well.

Once the sheets were flat on the floor, there was more measuring, geometry, and marking with chalk. I had to get Lucy to cut out the pieces for me because my knees are way past the point where I could kneel or crawl without excruciating pain. The cuts were not the smoothest lines in the world because Lucy doesn’t really enjoy crawling around on the floor either.

This didn’t take all day, obviously. We also did some painting and some finishing of our flower fairies and stuff. And Mercy did almost all the work getting ready for the chai party.

By supper time I was ready to sew the roof triangles together. It will be a parti-colored roof because there weren’t enough sheets of one color to do that.

I would never have attempted this job if my serger weren’t back in working order. The serger was very hot by the time I got the main part of the roof sewn together. Tomorrow we’ll take it outside and find out if I did the math right and it actually fits.

I still had to do more painting and then cut out the fabric for the ruffles. I’m pretty sure that the Walmart where I shop has had a puzzling increase in sheet sales. I got more sheets this morning because we will need to cover our tables also. Then it was time to tackle the post pantyhose, as I call them. Booths aren’t allowed to show their naked metal legs. They must be covered. So I cut yet another sheet into strips and sewed them into tubes which will cover our booth posts. At that point they will be cross-gartered to make them more attractive. No one is going to be able to say that I didn’t follow the rules!

Flynn has been here all day and it’s been a joy to have him. Tomorrow I need to finish the booth costume and work on bucket camouflage. After we celebrate Mercy’s birthday by eating curry.


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