Isn’t that a beautiful number? That’s how many fairy pockets I have made by hand since the middle of August. My original goal was 100. Then, because they were so cute, I started thinking, what if people actually like them and want to buy them? I don’t want to run out . . . .

So now I have 302 of them. I’m done. I have so much other stuff to make. Still, I really hope people do like and buy my fairy shillings and the little pockets to put them in. In less than 2 weeks I’ll know!

I also finished another muff today and started a new one. Lucy doesn’t think anyone will want or buy muffs because of our warm climate. If she’s right, I guess I have the beginning of a gift stockpile for my northern friends!

We had piano lessons today and Jasper came with me to get him signed up for Harvest Festival. All he wants to do is make two cakes this year. Last year was kind of disappointing, so I’m okay that he’s not doing a ton of stuff. Besides, it’s the same weekend as my writers’ conference and Zambian Independence Day!

I talked to my brother in the hospital today. His knee surgery went well, but he is in a lot of pain and taking a lot of meds, so he wasn’t much of a conversationalist. Praying for a quick recovery.


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