Fairy Headquarters

Sorry about yesterday’s silence. I am trying to place a little more priority on sleep than I have been doing lately. If it’s late at night and I’m exhausted, I will try to pick sleep over blogging.

This morning when Jasper and I went out to get in the car and go to Walmart, guess what happened? You guessed that the car didn’t start, didn’t you? Yes. For at least the fourth time on a Saturday morning, the car did not start. I had to go back in the house to get the van keys so we could still go grocery shopping. We don’t understand what the car has against going out first thing on Saturday morning, but it’s been a consistent pattern. Thank goodness my husband was able to get it going again when he got home from work. After also fixing our hot water heater.

Today was a pretty productive day in terms of making things for our booth. Lucy got her earrings packaged for sale and I put the finishing touches on the muff I’ve been knitting. Then this afternoon I decided the time had come for Lucy and me to tackle making flower fairies.

All we had for inspiration was a little leaf fairy that Lina made many years ago. After taking apart a lot of silk flowers and experimenting with toothpicks, I finally came up with a basic design that worked. It was a very tedious and time-consuming job making 40 little fairies, but when we finally finished this evening we had some really cute creations! I also had a new appreciation for hot glue.

Oh, and I just now remembered I have an instrument to tune . . .


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