Rain on Two Continents

Today started out rather stressfully. I had a class to prepare for and a potluck to cook for at the same time. Today was the first day this school year for the homeschool lunch at the church where Lucy has youth group, and I really felt like we ought to go.

I alternated between class preparations and cooking but unfortunately I committed one of the classic kitchen blunders–I chose to make a recipe I had never tried before to take to the potluck. The recipe called for uncooked rice, which would absorb liquid and get cooked while the rest of the casserole was cooking. Except it didn’t. I took the casserole anyway, but the rice was, shall we say, crunchy. It was embarrassing. We had it again for supper, after more than an hour in the oven, and the rice was a lot better but still not as done as I had hoped. Note to self: next time use cooked rice, no matter what the recipe says!

We had to rush home from the potluck to get ready for class. One of my students was sick and unable to attend. I missed him of course, but was glad he wasn’t here spreading a virus! During class it started pouring with rain, which we desperately needed. Shortly after the rain started, I got a text from Lina saying, “It’s raining!” My first thought was, “how on earth could she know?”

Then I realized. Duh. It was also raining in Zambia. Why would she text me about that? Because it was the first rain of the rainy season. Imagine no rain at all from May through September, October, or even November. That first rain of the rainy season is such a thrill. The scent of the thirsty soil soaking up the rain, the cool breeze, the red clay turning to red mud. The new leaves coming out on the trees even before there was any rain to encourage them.

Where Lina is, rainy season comes earlier and stays later than in other parts of Zambia, but even so this is a great early start. Wish I could have been there.

The rest of the day has been filled with knitting, sewing, and cutting Spencer’s hair. It seems like I have to cut hair more often than I used to. It’s not my favorite thing but after over thirty years I am pretty skilled and I love thinking about how much money I’ve saved us by just doing this one thing!

I also spent some time practicing my autoharp. One thing I feel I need a lot of practice on is the various types of strumming. I have an autoharp lesson DVD that I got when I first got my instrument over a year ago. At the time, I tried to follow along with the guy on the DVD but it was so stressful and overwhelming I gave up. Today I tried again and guess what? It was easy. At least the first few lessons were. I’ll do some more tomorrow, but right now I feel pretty encouraged because obviously I have succeeded in learning something.

I have also been obsessively checking for news on the vote in Scotland all day. I’m not sure what I want the outcome to be, but I’m very interested!

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