Try to Remember

What happens when two people with excellent forgettories try to remember something? Well, it takes a while, but if they put their heads together they might succeed. Take my mother and me. The other day when I talked to my mom on the phone she had a mystery that she hoped I could solve. She couldn’t find her can opener, and she knew I had used it during my visit there.

Well, I cranked up my thinker and I had a vague memory of using the can opener in my mom’s kitchen, and I had an idea that she had washed it and put it in the drainer she keeps in her sink. But of course, if that had really happened she would know where it was.

Last night I got an email from my mom asking if I had taken the can opener to the church for the potluck, and if I did might it still be there?

That triggered another memory of me needing the can opener to open a can of cherries for the cheesecake at the potluck. Aha!

I emailed my mom back and told her I put the can opener in the blue fabric cooler.

Alas! My mom responded that this was the very cooler I had packed with gluten-free food to take to Mary’s house, and therefore if the can opener was inside it was now living with Mary.

But wait! I was not referring to the cooler I took to Mary’s house. I emailed my mom back and told her I actually was referring to the smaller blue zippered cooler.

Before long I received a triumphant email in reply. My mother had looked through all three of their small zippered coolers and had found the long-lost can opener in the black cooler. So I remembered where I put it but I got the color wrong. I guess I should be thankful that at my time of life I still have half a brain, which when combined with my mother’s sort of makes a whole one!

Today I took Mercy to pick out a new phone, tried unsuccessfully to return the dud phone at the store, picked up supplies at the fabric store, dyed four sheets and was rather disappointed by the results, cut out lots of fairy pockets, took Lucy to a friend’s house, practiced the autoharp, had a long online conversation with Verizon about my need to send their phone back, thought about grading papers but ran out of time, and tuned my autoharp.

Mercy, on the other hand, got to go and forge a ring of power. She has a friend who has the knowledge and equipment for doing this, so she got to make her own ring! Sadly, she left for the evening before I got a photo of it. Pretty impressive for her first attempt!


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