Home Again, Home Again

In reading over my last post, I see that I failed to mention the lovely cookout that Mary and Jordan put together on Monday (Labor Day). We had some delicious burgers and grilled summer squash (which I really love). It was a great Labor Day.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I slept in a little. My excuse was that the cats woke me up multiple times during the night, especially the time when one of them attacked my feet!

Mary offered to take me on an outing after I had my tea and one of her excellent gluten-free muffins. Although I would have loved to visit the Hermitage, it is not cheap and I also would rather go with my husband, so instead Mary took my on a tour of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. I had heard from many people that it is mind-boggling, and that is not an overstatement. You can actually take boat tours on the artificial river inside the hotel. (We didn’t.)

We spent some time wandering around the gigantic atriums and admiring the landscaping and waterfalls. We ended up admiring this lovely hand-blown glass sculpture:

glass sculpture

After that, it was a rather long slog out to the car, and then to the nearby Opry Mills Mall, where we treated ourselves to a salad lunch. It was a bigger treat for me to just get to spend time with my daughter.

Back at Mary and Jordan’s apartment, I spent a frustrating hour or so trying to solve an issue with my phone upgrade. Then it was time for a delicious early supper of peanut butter chicken before Mary and Sarah took me to the airport. After having no traffic troubles up until that point, traffic was very slow and heavy and I experienced a little bit of anxiety until we finally pulled up to the terminal.

This time I had no contraband. I did, however, get yelled at for not taking my laptop out of its case (something I hadn’t had to do in Dallas). Easily solved! Then I got to my gate and found it deserted. Apparently the gate had been changed at the last moment. I found the new one in the nick of time and made it onto my almost-empty flight. I had a whole row of seats to myself!

The plane landed in Dallas 20 minutes early, but that wasn’t much help because we were stuck on the runway for over half an hour. Eventually we docked at a gate and I was able to meet up with Flynn. My thoughtful son drove me all the way home and we didn’t get here till after midnight.

Today, Flynn worked at his company’s office here in town and I tried to get back into some kind of groove. I did school with Jasper. I worked on my lesson plan for tomorrow. I took Lucy and Jasper to their piano lessons because alas, their wonderful teacher no longer makes house calls. While they were at piano I did some grocery shopping which will hopefully get us through the rest of the week.

I also made supper and took Lucy to and from youth group. Finally, after Flynn had left and a lot of other stuff happened, I got to take out my autoharp and just go over the songs I’ve already done. Tomorrow after class I will have to start working on the hymns I’m supposed to play on Sunday! I really missed getting to practice while I was on my trip.

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