A Wasp, Two Classes, & a Tea

I got quite a surge of adrenaline this morning when I went into my bathroom to get ready for my shower and I heard a buzzing sound. The sound was made by an enormous wasp which had apparently moved into my bathroom. Suddenly I was not in a hurry to take my shower.

I skedaddled from the bathroom and closed the door while I went in search of a weapon. Eventually I found a can of bug spray and went back to do battle with the dastardly intruder. Of course by then she (I assume it was a she) was nowhere to be found. The two big questions on my mind were: How did she get in? and Where in the world is she?

The idea of taking a shower again lost its appeal, and I went and helped Jasper with school and printed out about a ream of stuff for my classes and then it got later and later and I knew I was going to have to face my domestic terrorist. Well, I would have faced her but she was still hiding, so I reluctantly got in the shower after carefully shaking out my towel just in case.

All went well, despite my paranoid imaginings, until I was drying off. The buzzing started again and I saw the winged beast fly past the mirror. Good thing I had taken the precaution of having the bug spray in the shower with me. The next time the wasp ventured forth I sprayed and sprayed (from a safe distance, naturally. The enemy sort of staggered in the air before falling into my drinking cup. I quickly turned on the hot water tap and dumped the wasp down the drain, after which I continued to run hot water for a really long time. Just to be sure. Whew!

My first class went pretty well, I think. One boy was unable to make it but otherwise it went off without a hitch. The second class went fine as well, although the boys in that class were not at all thrilled about having to describe a doll.

By the time my students all left, I had about ten minutes to get ready for my first homeschool group’s Mother’s Tea. I have not been to the tea for a couple of years, and in fact I am currently having my annual crisis over whether to stay in the group or not. However, I wanted to see my friend Robin who was also going for the first time in many years, so off I went, bearing deviled eggs which Lucy had made for me while I taught this afternoon.

I should have taken my own tea in a thermos. They didn’t offer any kind of tea that appealed to me, but I settled for some herbal tea just so I’d get to use the lovely tea cup I’d brought.

It actually was quite enjoyable. I sat between my friends Robin and Joan. Among the three of us, we have 20 children and almost 70 years of homeschooling experience. Given that I’ve been at it for 24 years, I feel like I should be more of an expert by now!

By the time the tea ended, I just wanted to get home and practice my autoharp and try out my new thumb pick which arrived in the mail today. I’ve got another lesson tomorrow, which means another drive to Quitman in the brutal heat. It’ll be okay. I can’t put it off because my teacher and I won’t both be in the area again until the end of September.

So, that was my day. The new pick is very comfortable but somewhat quieter than my more traditional pick. I might have to experiment with my playing style a bit in order to get the volume I want with it.


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