A Family Birthday

Today is a special day. Today my Spencer is 19 years old. He took the day off work to celebrate by sleeping in really late. Here is a photo of him sleeping a few days ago when he never made it to his bed at all:


Jasper and I got through all his school before 11:00, which meant that Lucy and I could go out to run errands.

As I believe I’ve said before, we (Lucy and I) are hoping have a booth at the Texarkana Renaissance Faire this fall, and if we’re going to pull it off we really need to get busy making stuff. So, after taking Lucy to buy her brother a birthday present, we had a quick lunch and then hit the dollar store to buy some supplies.

From there we went to Hobby Lobby, and then to the fabric store. By that point we were both tired so we gave up on our plan to hit a bunch of thrift stores. It was a very hot day and the lack of air conditioning made it pretty tiring to be driving around.

Spencer, meanwhile, was working on throwing himself a birthday party. He invited all his friends to meet him on campus in the media room so they could have pizza and watch a movie. (His family celebration will take place this weekend.)

Since Lucy and Jasper also went to Spencer’s birthday bash, I had some time to myself, which I spent figuring the chords for one of my favorite hymns. It was very tedious and took well over an hour, but I think I ended up with something pretty playable. This was one of my assignments from my teacher–to take a hymn out of the hymnbook and chord it “from scratch,” as it were.

I also did something else my teacher taught me to do. I labeled all my chord buttons on the side so I can see what’s what when I’m holding the autoharp up to play:

8-20-14 Autoharp chord buttons

Doesn’t that make a whole lot of sense? It’s especially helpful now that all the chords are in different places and I have to relearn all my fingering.

Spencer came back with a couple of his friends, and a cool birthday present from Kat–a stereo with a turntable. We thought we had thrown away our vintage record collection–and we probably did, but my husband had saved one record. It is one of the very early Beatles albums before Ringo Starr joined the group. So, we’ve been listening to it. It still sounds pretty good!

Parting Shot:

8-20-14 Eppie on floor

This is our cat Éponine lying on her back. Despite appearances, she is not dead. Her son Neko is still missing, alas.

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