I Get an Email & Spencer Encounters a Water Main

Today got off to a surprisingly positive start. Normally I hate getting up on Saturday mornings because the only reason I do get up so early is to go to Walmart before everybody else. This morning I hated it just as much as ever, especially because I knew I was going to have to drive the van. Then I got on my computer to pull up my shopping list, and while the list was printing, I checked my “author” email and found a new email about my book. It was from the parents of one of my schoolmates who has recently read and enjoyed my book also. It made my day to hear such a positive response to my memoir.

Then, of course, I still had to get Jasper up and drive the van to Walmart. After almost of year of driving the Suburban, I’m not that thrilled about driving the van anymore, but I sure was glad to have it this morning!

I returned home to find a very frustrated husband trying to fix his second mower so that he and Spencer could get their yard jobs done quickly. Failing that, he was kind enough to take another look at the Suburban, and hallelujah! It turned out to be a loose relay. Valvados is back in business! I am so thankful because I have my Bible Study Monday morning and my autoharp lesson on Tuesday.

Walter and Spencer left for work, and a little while later I got a phone call. Walter’s day was not going well. While doing yard work, Spencer nicked a water main with a piece of equipment. As in, dozens of houses were without water. Walter needed me to call the homeowner and ask him to call the water department. Thankfully the water department crew showed up before long and went to work on the problem.

Meanwhile, I had plenty of housework to do, not to mention a quick sewing project, autoharp practice, and making two desserts for tomorrow’s potluck. It was quite a challenge to come up with something that was gluten-free, dairy free, and egg free (Mercy is doing an elimination diet). We will see if I succeeded tomorrow!

This evening Mercy came back from her retreat and I once more tackled the daunting task of tuning my autoharp. It was a little easier than last week, but to my dismay all the strings had gone flat again. I look forward to the day when I can just take tuning in stride.

After surviving the tuning, I still had to make more food for tomorrow. It’s the big sendoff for our friends Steve and Angie, who are leaving for Kenya in a few days.

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