New Neighbors

I wanted to get a lot more done today than I did. I did get some stuff done and I even got up early enough to say goodbye to Mercy, who is off at a retreat until tomorrow night.

I also walked around the corner to our old house to welcome our new neighbors who have recently bought it. It is nice to have neighbors that we already know, and Jasper is thrilled to have another boy to play with (our neighborhood is rather girl-heavy at the moment). I got a tour of the house and that was fun after 13 years. Dana has the house looking a lot classier than it did when we lived there!

I got in two practice sessions with my autoharp. My fingers still get tired, but I do feel like my stamina is increasing.

This afternoon Lucy and I went shopping to pick up a few things, including new hoses for our yard. Somehow I just expect hoses to last forever, but of course they don’t!

Since I was making lasagna for supper, and since Lucy and I can’t eat lasagna, I emptied our last few charcoal briquettes into the little grill and lit them so that I could grill some pork chops and summer squash for our supper. I was afraid there weren’t enough coals, but everything cooked perfectly–it just took a little longer.

Kat took Spencer to work tonight because his car is still out of commission and so is mine!

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with everything I have to do before I am ready to teach two classes on Monday! And I would really like to have transportation again.


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