Triumphant at Last

It was just about a year ago that Mercy tried to get her driver’s license. We drove to a town an hour away and it went very badly. Mercy’s primary crime was not turning her head far enough. Then she went to Korea for the rest of the year and then she came home and was very busy with school. She finally was able to get an appointment to take her driving test today.

All along she thought she would be able to borrow Spencer’s car–but Spencer’s car is currently not operational, and may never be again. So poor Mercy has been practicing her parallel parking in the Suburban. Today we drove up to the DPS and I stayed inside and prayed while Mercy took the test. She passed! Even though she didn’t do that well on the parallel parking, she still passed!

Thank goodness it was after she’d already passed that the trooper discovered our passenger side door doesn’t open very well from the inside. It’s possible to open it, but you have to know the “trick” to doing it. He told her that if he had known about the door, he wouldn’t even have let her take the test! We are so used to that door’s issues that we didn’t even think about it as a safety hazard.

So anyway, Mercy is now a licensed driver and we only have to go through this two more times! We went to the bookstore to celebrate and Mercy found three books she wanted for a great price.

After lunch, I took Spencer up to the junior college only to be met with more stonewalling. If he is to take that class, it appears our options are to falsify his transcript and claim he has actually graduated from high school, or pursue the GED as a step toward getting an actual high school diploma. *sigh* We may look into tutoring options before making a decision.

My new chorded hymnbooks arrived and hallelujah! Both of them have the hymn I’ve been struggling with. One of the new books is “easy” and the other is a lot more “advanced.” I’m sticking with the easy one at the moment. I had fun playing some other hymns after I practiced the ones I need for Sunday.

Lucy and I went shopping before I took her to a swimming party, after which she was invited to spend the night at her friend Martha’s house. Jasper is spending the night across the street with his friend Ben. And our “adopted” college student Jonnie arrived back in town tonight and came over for pizza after Jasper helped him move back into his room.

I’m trying to remember everything I have to do before Monday, and I think it’s giving me an ulcer.


One thought on “Triumphant at Last

  1. Congratulations Mercy! So glad that ordeal is over with, and glad that the state trooper didn’t realize what a ghetto vehicle Valvados is!


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