You Can’t Get There From Here

Today was frustrating on so many levels. Where do I start? How about with our efforts to get Spencer signed up for the math class he needs at the local junior college? He got his transcript notarized and took it over there, only to be told that he cannot take the class unless he has graduated from high school–but he needs the class in order to graduate from high school! It makes no sense!

Spencer was given the number of the guy in charge of dual enrollment, the implication being that he might be able to make an exception for our situation. Uh, no. He was completely inflexible and had no interest in making an exception. We went round and round about how Spencer can’t take the class he needs to graduate unless he has already graduated.

Finally, the guy suggested that Spencer get a GED. If he had a GED, then he’d be officially “graduated,” which means he could take the classes he needs to “graduate.” I have no words for this kind of thinking. And when I mentioned that I wasn’t that thrilled about the GED option (because most people see it as a cop-out), he helpfully told me that here in our county, more people graduate with GEDs every year than graduate with actual high school diplomas. Like I was supposed to find that comforting! Grrr!

In addition to that, I am trying to learn some new software and it has so far defeated me. I can succeed up to a certain point, and then I end up with an unusable file. I may be an old dog, but I really would like to learn some new tricks! I wish I could just take a class or seminar instead of sitting through online tutorials in hopes of gleaning the few nuggets of information that I actually need.

Then there is the autoharp thing. I am beginning to realize what a huge task I have taken on, and I feel kind of overwhelmed sometimes. Not with the idea of learning and playing three hymns a week. Well, maybe a little. The trouble I’m having is finding good sources for hymns with chords that work for the autoharp. Then when I find them, I have to struggle through them over and over and make adjustments because often the chord changes aren’t in the right place.

Two of the hymns I’m working on this week seem to be finally in pretty good shape, chord-wise. But the third one has one chord that is clearly the wrong chord. It sounds awful and discordant every time I play it, but I can’t find one that sounds any better! I may have to ask to substitute a different hymn if this one isn’t in the chorded hymnbooks I’m supposed to get in the mail tomorrow.

I also learned on Sunday morning that it can be surprisingly tiring to play four verses of the same hymn if your middle-aged arthritic fingers aren’t used to it. So this week I’m playing multiple verses of each hymn every time I practice, in hopes of building up some stamina.

My final frustration of the day was walking into my sewing room, only to discover that one of the cats had found one of my balls of mohair/silk blend yarn, and had roughed it up rather thoroughly:

So guess who got to spend an hour untangling and winding yarn? (The yarn is actually a lovely burgundy color–not orange as it appears here.)


Tomorrow: Mercy’s driving test, back to the junior college to do battle once more, and who knows what else?


2 thoughts on “You Can’t Get There From Here

    • He is already taking 2 dual credit classes at LeTourneau. Unfortunately he is so far behind in math that LeTourneau doesn’t have anything for him and that’s the subject he really, really needs help with.


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