Social Life

Well, this has been quite a week for me! Bible Study on Monday, visit with Sybil on Tuesday, tea with Connie on Wednesday, Beekeepers’ meeting on Thursday, and lunch with my friend Darlene today. It’s like I actually have friends who actually want to hang out with me!

It was so nice to see my sweet friend Darlene. I’m trying to cram as much friend time as I can into the few remaining days before the school year starts. We lingered over lunch until she needed to leave and I needed to run errands.

When I returned home, it was time to celebrate with Jasper. Before I left to meet Darlene, I had helped him through the last few lessons in his math book. So I took him out to get a cold drink and then let him have some well-earned Minecraft time on the computer. He gets next week off and then we start the school year in earnest. That old math book is already in the trash, by the way!

I feel like my hymn playing on the autoharp is improving. I’ve got one more day to get ready for Sunday! And I really feel like I need to tune the autoharp tomorrow. I really hope I don’t break a string.


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