Beekeepers and River Rats

Jasper was highly motivated to do his math today. He got six lessons done! If he does five tomorrow, he will finish his book and earn a week of freedom before starting the school year. I am so proud of him for finishing a whole grade of math in two months.

I did a lot of work planning for the coming school year, and I also started learning how to use a couple of simple features on my video editing software so I can get more interview videos up. This kind of thing is a big strain on my old-fashioned brain, but I am doing my best.

This evening Jasper and I drove an hour to attend the monthly beekeepers’ meeting. Most of it is over our heads at this point, but we are trying to learn what we can. I am grateful that we at least know a few of the other beekeepers and are comfortable with asking them for help if we need it down the road.

After we returned, I still had to practice my autoharp and I believe I made some progress. If I practice every day, both songs should be ready to go by Sunday.

I feel like I should tell you about an adventure that has captured my imagination lately. Over a week ago, three young men set out to canoe/boat down the Sabine River, starting near Mineola (Texas) and going all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. One of the men used to be in our homeschool group, and his dad has been posting their position every few hours.

I don’t know any of these young men, although obviously I have met one of them (Branden) when he was a boy, but I have been following their trip with great interest. They are calling it simply “Texas River Trip.” You can look them up on Facebook if you like. The first few days they hit a lot of log jams and had to haul their canoes/boats around obstacles. Earlier this week, they stopped for a day in our area (the Sabine flows through our town) and built a raft. They have set up a tent on the raft and can float day and night now, taking turns to steer the raft.

Is this not amazing? This is the kind of thing that young men should be doing all the time! Testing themselves against nature, working together to achieve a difficult goal, overcoming hardships and making memories that will last a lifetime. I am so proud of these guys, and am loving the chance to follow their progress vicariously. They post videos and statuses on Facebook, and Branden’s dad David posts Google Earth shots of their location. I am cheering them on every hard-won mile of the way!

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