Tea for Two

This morning I did something I had hoped to avoid. I packed up my serger and tiptoed past sleeping bodies in the living room and drove up to Sharman’s. After just a few feet of sewing, my serger started doing the same stupid thing it did before I had it looked at. So this time it’s going to the only expert serger mechanic I know of–Mary at Sharman’s. I’m not thrilled about what it’s going to cost me, but I really need my serger. I am so far behind on all the sewing I had hoped to do this summer!

As a bonus, Sharman’s was having a sale on selected fat quarters, and I selected a dozen of them to use in various projects. I really hope the fix on the serger does not take too long.

When I returned home, one overnight guest had left but Daniel and Camila were still sleeping on the couches. In fact we didn’t succeed in waking them up until after noon!

Later on, their mother came to have tea with me. Before moving to El Paso, Connie used to live one street over from us, and I really miss having her in the neighborhood. It was so nice to get to visit with her over a pot of tea! I should have taken a photo, but I forgot. Her kids will be staying elsewhere for the next few nights, but we’ll get to see them again before they leave.

This evening, I did something that I’ve been intending to do all summer. I pulled my autoharp out of its case and learned to play something. I realized some time ago that I need more incentive than the inner desire to be able to play, so on Sunday I told Fred (who leads the singing) that I would learn to play a hymn this week and I would play it this coming Sunday to accompany the congregational singing. We haven’t had a pianist since Lina left a year ago, and some weeks the music situation is pretty grim.

Fred picked Amazing Grace, which happens to be the first hymn that Lina played to accompany the singing at our church back when she was 17! I know you’re thinking that my plan is pretty ambitious, seeing that I haven’t touched my poor neglected instrument in months, but really we’re just talking about rudimentary strumming here. Everyone makes fun of the autoharp because it doesn’t take much skill to play, but that happens to be one of the things I love about it!

I got Jasper to sing along with me, and then at his request I looked up the chords for What a Friend We Have in Jesus. That went pretty well, so I think if I practice every day I should be able to do them both in church on Sunday. My goal has always been to accompany the congregational singing during the times when we don’t have a pianist. And hopefully, with the incentive of having to play every Sunday, my skills will increase at some point. I really do love the autoharp. Right now my fingers are pretty sore, but it’s a small price to pay.

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