On Visitors & Being Shunned

Well, we are in youth hostel mode around here. Camila and Daniel came on Saturday, and Britton joined us on Sunday. Jasper is sleeping on an air mattress in the entryway and complaining about the noise little mouse Claudia makes running on her wheel at night!

Yesterday it seemed like there were a whole lot of people in this house. Two more of Lucy’s friends came over to help her with a charity scavenger hunt she is working on. I realized halfway through the afternoon that I had not bought enough food for supper, because I had no idea how many people would be here! Since Mercy (who also had an out-of-town friend visiting) had borrowed the car, I had to text her and ask her to pick up some more ingredients.

Furthermore, thanks to all the youthful goings-on, I had no help in the kitchen which meant that I actually had to cook supper and bake dessert by myself! Supper was eaten in shifts, which was a good thing because we didn’t have enough room at the table for everyone! The good news is that everybody seemed to like it.

This morning I was up before most of the young folk and headed up to my Bible study. It takes 45 minutes to get there, but fortunately it is a lovely drive when it is not too hot. This morning it was perfect. I bought more food on my way home–just in case!

This afternoon and evening I tackled a couple of mending jobs that have been sitting in my sewing room for weeks. I really should do my mending more often. I always feel so glad when it’s done!

Right now I am feeling pretty sad. If you remember my post from July 11, I talked about receiving an apology from someone who had been unkind to me in childhood, had read about it in my book, and had felt remorse. I reassured this person to the best of my ability that I harbor no ill feelings and had completely forgiven all offenses long ago. In fact I have been this person’s friend on Facebook for a few years and have enjoyed the occasional contact and exchange of news.

So today I thought of this person and wanted to send a follow-up message of love and reconciliation, only to find that I have been “unfriended” and also “blocked.” It’s as if this person no longer exists in my Facebook world. When I searched the name, nothing came up. I’ve been wracking my brains and rereading what I said. What did I say that prompted this reaction? I spoke in love and forgiveness. Now it seems that I am the one in need of forgiveness, but I no longer have an avenue to ask for it; nor do I know what I did to offend. Even at my age, this kind of rejection still brings tears.

I write about this here because I hope that someday, this post will be read by the person in question, who will realize how deeply grieved I am to have caused offense when none was intended. I hope that someday I will be forgiven, and that the relationship will be restored. That is my fervent desire.


2 thoughts on “On Visitors & Being Shunned

  1. Sounds like a fun time at your house with lots o’ kiddos! I know what you mean about “actually cooking supper and baking dessert” by yourself – it’s great to have helpers, but I do find myself spoiled! 🙂

    I’m sorry for your disappointment with your friend… may that rift be healed, if not here and now, than surely in eternity. ((HUGS))


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