A Long-Awaited Celebration

Today was the day that my friend Robin’s daughter Elizabeth got married. This day has been a long time coming. I have known Liz since she was a young girl of seven. She and my Mary have been good friends since that time.

Liz was in her mid-teens when she met her brothers’ friend Matt, who was several years older than her. Matt was smitten, but Liz’s parents told him that he would have to wait–not just for Liz to finish high school, but college as well. I don’t know Matt well at all, but I do know that he is a patient, devoted and loyal man who has waited all these years for the day when Liz would become his bride. I’d say that anyone who knows anything about Matt at all knows that he is devoted to Liz.

The kids and I got to the church early and I was glad we did, because I was able to chat with the ladies sitting behind us, both of whom I know but rarely see. One of them was telling me that her daughter, one of my former students, is getting married later this month. It doesn’t seem possible that she could be old enough to get married!

Walter was able to join us shortly before the ceremony started, having gone to his landscape jobs and then rushed home to take a shower.

It was a very beautiful, very traditional ceremony. The groom’s best man was his father. Liz had two matrons of honor–the first time I have ever seen this. When Doug (Robin’s husband) walked Liz down the aisle, I confess I got pretty choked up. Doug looked so proud and Liz was radiant in her dress and her veil that sparkled in the light. Liz has always been a lovely girl, but something about being a bride seems to make that inner beauty just shine through.

After reading their vows to each other, and being pronounced man and wife, the two paused to share communion together as their first act as a married couple. Then, when finally told they could kiss, Matt pleased the audience by kissing Liz with a dramatic “dip.”

Afterwards, I got to visit with a few old friends at the reception. There were no photos allowed during the ceremony (and I totally understand that) but I did get some at the reception.





It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful young woman whom I’ve been privileged to watch as she has grown in grace as well as in stature over the last fifteen years. My prayer for her and Matt is that they will go forward together and find ways to glorify God as they remain devoted to each other.

When we got home from the wedding, we just had a few hours to get ready for incoming house guests–our former neighbors Camila and Daniel Hellmuth. The Hellmuth family now serves as missionaries in Mexico, so it is such a treat to have them in town. Camila is sharing Lucy’s room and Daniel is staying with Spencer. Their parents, Tom and Connie, are staying elsewhere in town but I am hoping to have some time to visit with them too.

They arrived earlier than expected this evening and it was so good to see them! I am glad that Spencer and Lucy get to spend time with their friends.

Oh, and I burned a pot dry this evening and am not sure I can revive it. It’s all my husband’s fault because he got me interested in watching a World War I documentary.

Parting Shot:


My two girls after the wedding.


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