Highs and Lows

I know you’re wondering what could possibly have been so all-consuming that I couldn’t find time to blog the last two days. Well, I’ll tell you. Months ago, my friend Robin asked me to cater her daughter Liz’s bridal tea. Although she insisted on paying me, I would happily have done it for free, because we adore Liz.

So, the wedding is on Saturday and the tea was today. The focus of my whole week, therefore, was preparing for the tea. Liz had picked the foods she wanted and although nothing on the menu was particularly difficult, there were quite a few different items and most of them needed to be made in the 24 hours before the tea.

The one thing I was able to do on Tuesday was to make the yellow buttercream roses which I would use to decorate the cupcakes. After making only 36 roses my hand ached and felt sure I must have given myself carpel tunnel syndrome in one evening! My muscles aren’t what they used to be!

Yesterday I went flat out all day, and I know it seems ridiculous that I couldn’t get it all done in a timely fashion, but you have to realize I was trying to make a lot of different things, some of which required multiple steps, and still do math with Jasper and run some errands and make pizza for supper, etc.

In the evening, Mercy came with me up to Robin’s house so she could help me with the first load of stuff. Four teapots, 18 teacups and saucers, teaspoons, and serving dishes. We got the tables set and then after we got back home, I went right back to work on the cooking.

I really thought I would have to be up all night, but after 2:00 in the morning I realized I wasn’t being productive anymore, so I tried to get some sleep. It turns out my middle-age aches and pain were screaming so loudly that I ended up having to take some pain meds just to be able to get two hours of sleep before getting up to make the quiche this morning.

I didn’t have time to make myself that all-important cup of tea, so since I had to make a brief stop on my way to Robin’s house to buy something that I forgot, I went ahead and got a bottle of Mountain Dew and forced myself to drink it. I’m not a big fan of carbonated beverages in general, and especially not in the morning, and even more especially not on an empty stomach, but at times like this you do what you have to do!

Why didn’t I have tea at Robin’s? I hear you ask. Because she doesn’t have almond milk and I just can’t enjoy drinking my tea black, okay?

Oh, and did I mention that it was pouring rain most of the day? I had to load all that food into the car in the pouring rain, and then unload it at Robin’s house in the rain too. Rain is not a friend of buttercream icing. Fortunately I was able to shield the cupcakes.

I still had the fruit tray to do, but fortunately Liz and her friend Abby were willing and eager to work on that while I set up all the rest of the food. Everything was ready at the appointed hour of 11:00. The house filled with ladies and soon they were all enjoying a great time of fellowship. I like to think they also enjoyed their food!

The menu (because I know someone will ask) was:

Sausage mini muffins
Mini crustless quiches
Strawberries, pineapple, honeydew melon, and blueberries
Mini lemon/raspberry tarts
Cinnamon rolls
Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and a yellow icing rose on top
Bacon-wrapped dates
Deviled eggs

Most of it was stuff I can’t eat, but I did sneak some fruit and deviled eggs and dates. I brought my jousting chair into the kitchen from the car so I would have a comfortable place to sit while still being available to make more tea anytime a teapot was emptied. Dozing may have occurred during this time.

When the tea ended, Robin’s friends who are visiting from Missouri jumped right into cleaning up and washing dishes. I was so grateful as this left me free to package up all the food and get it put away. Then it was time to load the car in the rain again!

I decided to stop on my way home at the Realm of Perpetual Bliss & Serenity, otherwise known as the yarn store whose annual July sale ended today. I hadn’t been in several months, and was very sorry to hear that one of the wonderful sisters had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery, which is why the store is no longer open on Mondays. And no, I did not walk out empty-handed.

Meanwhile, Spencer was driving home in his newly-fixed car, only to have it break down again while he was still over two hours away from home. After supper Walter took the van and a tow-dolly and went to fetch boy and car back home. Spencer will never forget his first road trip! It is after midnight now and they still have not returned. I feel bad for both of them.

Maybe tomorrow there will be pictures of the tea, if I can figure out where my camera ended up!

Quote of the Day:
Jasper: “My room is where I go to have private talks with myself and stuff.”

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