Thank You, Swedish Soldiers

This morning, Jasper was very excited about breakfast, because I had told him he could make his breakfast in the Swedish army mess kit (which, by the way, is a genius design). So, we put fuel in the stove (denatured alcohol) and then set up the stand. Jasper lit the stove, then put water in the pot and set it on to boil for tea. Then, I had him grease the frying pan (which doubles as a lid) and break his eggs into it. After he seasoned them, we covered the pan with foil and set it on top of the pot with the water in it.


This is a variation of my old boarding school trick of boiling eggs in my tea water, because the only “cooking” appliance we could have was an electric tea kettle.

Before long, the water was boiling and the eggs were cooked.


I had baked some hash browns in the oven, so Jasper had a very satisfying breakfast of hot chai with eggs and hash browns. He can’t wait to do it again. I bet the Swedish army had no idea they would eventually provide so much enjoyment to a family of kids in Texas! I got those (used) mess kits for $5 each back in the day, and they have been well worth it. They are considerably more expensive and hard to find now.

I also got some housework done today and Jasper finished 4 math lessons before 11:00 a.m.! I am so proud of him. He is working hard to catch up.

Lucy went to a friend’s house kind of on the spur of the moment last night and will hopefully return home tomorrow. Spencer is getting ready for his first solo road trip and working two jobs. That left only four of us here to enjoy Mercy’s Japanese curry for dinner tonight!

Quote of the Day:
Me to Jasper: “Are you done with your math?”
Jasper: “Not yet! Mostly because I’ve been singing to myself.”

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